We all have the potential to fall into the trap of procrastination- just putting something off until next time.  My friends and I would like to challenge you to send procrastination to the hills. We are only 20 days into the New Year but I’m almost certain that you already have a lot of things you have been meaning to do.

Tomorrow is Today, we are challenging you to put together a list of everything either big or small that you have successfully put off with the aim of doing it “TOMORROW”. We are giving you the rest January because we are taking over February.

To join this initiative comment #28tomorrows, along with a list of things you have been meaning to do/ start or need to complete, share this post and tag your friends, family and colleagues. To have fun while doing this challenge we urge you to post pictures of each task you complete. Remember, procrastination is the thieve of time so what are you waiting for.

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