A very warm and sincere thank you for visiting FairsionWisdom. It means a lot for you to have taken time to log onto my website.  Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and how FairsionWisdom was born.

My name is Mpho, some people call me Miss  N. I am  living in Midrand, Gauteng. I moved to Gauteng in 2006 to study for my BA Degree in Public relations. I come from a small developing town called Tshilamba, in Venda Limpopo Province. I was a  a full time lecturer for 7 years before joined this new organisation where I am currently an Events Coordinator.

The idea for FW was conceived in September 2012 but only put it into action almost a year later towards the end of 2013.

From a young age I have always been fascinated by what people wear and how they wear it. I am no fashion designer, but how people dress really inspires me.  Besides creating original content for this site I am a Stylist helping people enhance their daily look. I do not have a sponsor, what you find here is my unfiltered opinion.

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