They say it lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the truth is it lies within self. The harsh reality is that, we spend a lot of our time judging and comparing ourselves to others instead of embracing the body we have at whatever age we are in. Stop living up to the harsh judgments of self and be your own kind of beautiful.

Our physical appearance is always changing, due to age, life experiences and all. Do not let your self-worth be reduced to what magazines, blogs and television define beauty as.  Look in the mirror, see yourself and command beauty, because you are a definition of true beauty.

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Love or learn to love your body exactly how it is and then embellish your looks. And if you love make-up, manicures, to put on a weave/ wear a wig, or wear your natural hair as it then you go on and do it. Dress up and feel beautiful, own it and let every day be a celebration of who you are. We are living at the age where every body type is celebrated. So start celebrating yours…Beautiful.




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