Being a beauty-full woman

Life is about moving though hitches with grace, and sometimes buying a waterproof mascara is a good investment. Not to say that being a woman is tough but sometimes even I get overwhelmed to a point where something silly such as dropping my phone tends to trigger everything that has my world upside down. But even when that happens the day still needs to continue…Question is how do you put yourself together and stay a beauty-full woman inside out.

To be beautiful inside out you must possess more than just a pretty shell. Exudes elegance- it is the undeniable quality at the depth of your personal growth.  Remember, being a beautiful woman goes beyond the make-up, fashionable clothes, and a million pairs of shoes. You might not realise this, but it is in the process of serving others were we find the ingredients of real bliss and completeness. Real life fulfilment requires more than a rich husband, flawless kids, a dream job and a perfect life.

WOMAN! Take a look at yourself and choose one feature of your body and embellish it. You are already a beautiful woman embrace it. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t. Beauty is about looking your best and embracing your age rather than competing with others. Honour how you feel and remember a radical smile works wonders…



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