Up close and personal….with Tambani


FW:     Tell us about yourself- who you are, where you come from and what you do for a living

TN:     My name is Tambani Netshisaulu, born and bred at Limpopo Province (Mutale – Venda la manaka-naka) and I am currently staying in Gauteng (the city of Gold). I am very spiritual person and I express my emotions and personality through fashion and style as it is the essence of my being. I am a daughter, a sister and a friend. I’m a hard worker, a go-getter and lover of life and do not believe in limiting myself in any area of growth because I believe that there is a lot to explore in life.

I am a corporate woman working in the Telecommunication industry where I oversee the implementation and practicing of a sound Corporate Governance framework and make sure that the company complies with relevant regulations.

I am the jack of all trades from entertainment all the way to corporate. I am a part time model and actress who is currently being managed my Shoot Casting Agency.

 FW: What is your secret for keeping in shape and looking good all the time?

TN: I watch what I eat and drink lots of water. Going to gym is one of my hobbies. I run and also cycle…all this to keep fit and a healthy body.

FW:     What is fashion Wisdom to you?

TN:     Fashion wisdom to me simply means knowing and understanding your body shape as well as the kind of clothes that suits you.

FW:     How do you share your Fashion Wisdom?

TN:     I am a classy lady who has a signature style of my own that is different and suitable for me and the lifestyle I have created for myself. Through this I make and live a statement everywhere I go…and that is how I share my Fashion Wisdom.

 FW…what do you think every woman should have in their wardrobe and handbag this season?




TN:     In the wardrobe I think every woman should have bright and bold colours for this spring/ summer… bright colour shoes included. In the handbag every woman should have a pair of elegant sunglasses and bright colour lipstick. Because we are keeping it bright and gorgeous…







 FW:     How do you describe success?

TN:     [Success is having lots and lots and lots of money:] Hey I am kidding success is being happy of what you are doing, being able to go anywhere around the world at any time and still earn an income. Being in the position where you feel you have already achieved everything that you ever wanted and just living your dream.

 FW:     What are your words of advice for young women out there who look up you?

 TN:     Be yourself, work hard; be independent; live by your own motto and learn not to limit yourself. Dress up and look good because we are born to live and look elegant.

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