The no-thank-you’s, the uh-uh’s, and the absolute no-no’s…

We all have our perfect ideal of what our ‘prince’ will look like, sound like, and be. At least we used to when we were young enough to dream big! I remember in High School having a list of the qualities my future man HAD to have – no exceptions accepted. He had to be tall, dark, handsome; with a strong jaw, piercing blue eyes, black hair, and a deep, velvety voice. He had to have the same taste in music and movies as me and find the same things funny. He should play soccer, not be in a band, and like cars but not be a ‘bootjie’ and care about his appearance but not be a ‘snag’ or a ‘hipster’; he should work and make a living not ‘hustle’.   When it comes to the physical side, we all have our preference: tall and skinny, the muscle-bound grotesque, the cute and cuddly. A ‘no-thank-you’ category and we all have them but be aware that the guy you don’t normally look at, may just be your prince.

I generally say uh-uh to uni-brows, back-hair, and mouth breathers, but the real turn-off for me is attitude! Men need to remember that women are valuable in and of themselves, not because of the man they are standing next to! Men who think that they can get any girl to drop aside her morals, values, and ultimately her self-esteem just to be given a chance to be in his presence seriously pushes my buttons.

And speaking of buttons, don’t think just ‘cos you are a dude that you can have your cake and eat it! I won’t be your fling while your wife or girlfriend waits for you at home. You are either all mine – or all gone!   There are so many girls looking for Mr Right or Prince Charming. Maybe what we should be looking for is a nice guy, you treats us well, and laughs at our jokes or thinks we’re funny – even if our checklist gets thrown out in the process. Don’t settle for less than you deserve or compromise on your beliefs just to get a man (they really aren’t that great to have: wet towels on the bathroom floor, smelly socks, and the quiet but deadly odours they emit!) and we may be looking in all the wrong places…. the poor fool is probably stuck up a tree.

By Janine Shamos

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