…for the “sake of mankind’s potential for absolute beauty”


 Ever found yourself in this situation? …observing the woman walking pass,  and you JUST couldn’t  believe what she was wearing it gave you a sore eye? When you look good, others notice and appreciate you for taking such great care of yourself. We tell others they look good all the time, but what do we say when they don’t? How often do we mean the things we say? There are things that we wish other women knew and that they would just CATCH A HINT…so… for the “sake of mankind’s potential for absolute beauty” I have put together a few things we should take into consideration.

• Wearing bras can improve your posture and prevent a lot of spine problems and back pain but…wearing a bra that fits is more important. When the bra you are wearing is too small it squashes your breast and make you look like you have a side breast sticking out of the bra.
• Bad-fitting jeans can make you feel uncomfortable and also make your upper body look bigger or give you a muffin top.

• Visible panties or panty lines- underwear is called under- wear for a purpose.
• No matter how cute your pajamas can be they should never be worn in public.download_20140620_094226_resized
• Eye brows look good trimmed but it is not sexy to shave them all off.
• Peep toe shoes are gorgeous but it’s hideous when your toes are falling off on the other side.
• Animal- friendly fashion- Too many prints on one person floral top, animal print leggings, plaid bra, zebra pump shoes. Prints are beautiful but too much print on one person is fashionably wrong.
• Sweat/ roll-on stains on a shirt ruins the entire outfit. To get rid of such stain you can rub white vinegar directly on the stain before washing.
• If you are wearing a low cut top or blouse, please ladies – ensure that your bra is at least sexy.  Imagine going out to Sway in Sandton and you have bought a sexy top from YDE and people see your bra…and it is flesh coloured and washed out…eeuw. You will be going home tonight alone I’m afraid.
• When deciding on make up, ladies should decide on whether to decide on which facial feature they would like to accentuate.  Either lips or eyes.  If you do both simultaneously – you will appear to look somewhat like a circus clown.  Imagine Ronald McDonald. download_20140620_094258_resized
• Blue eye shadow is a NO NO!  You are not living in the 80’s nor are you Katy Perry.  Deal with it.








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