Get back up and get your life!

I have been waking up every morning feeling like my rhythm of life does not match the rhythm of my heart…missing that ingredient of staying motivated, productive and being focused. My story might be a bit different from yours due to life experiences and all, but at some point in time maybe you, your partner, a friend or a family member experienced or is experiencing the same thing as me.

So what, if 2016 wasn’t so great, and you might be feeling like you didn’t achieve much, although it seems like everyone around you was having a great time the entire time. Our experiences just like our perceptions can never be the same and if you can relate to what I have just said, well, there is no do over!

But just because you never got that promotion you wanted at work or may have spent more time sick than in good health, got dumped, or may have lost a loved one, or got rejected in almost everything you wanted so bad doesn’t mean that you should settle for that.  Yes, it might have been really sad and heart-breaking but it’s time to get out there and Get your life!

I’m no expert, but I know what it’s like to not have what you want, to be rejected, to feel like your life is stuck in quicksand while the rest of the world seems to be doing pretty okay. With that being said here’s how you can reset your Mojo:

  • Advocate for yourself- stop saying yes because it makes others feel good. It’s December, don’t RSVP every invitation received because declining would seem unkind.
  • Take time out and recover from setback- it might have been a bad year for you (or for someone you know) but love, it is not the end of your world.
  • Stop dismissing yourself- respond to your inner voice. If you are not okay with you others won’t be too.
  • Keep friends who are equally yoked- friends offer a lot of things, support, entertainment and create the connection that combats loneliness. If they are toxic, send them off! Remember there are friends, close friends, people we know and extras.
  • Viola Davis said “live out loud”- Break free and do what you are passionate about. Stop altering your ambitions to make others feel better about themselves.
  • Re-establish a relationship with yourself and remember you have a lot of life to live!


Go get your entire existence of life!



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