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grey scaleThe ability to fall in love with yourself every single day begins before you open your eyes to start your day. With the right attitude, the rest just falls into place. Our lives are so routine like: you wake up, take a bath, get dressed, off you go to work (already wishing it was knock off time), go to gym (or…take couch potato classes), eat, sleep…. Do it all over again the next day. Doing the same thing every day, wearing the same outfits, having the same hairstyle, putting on the same make-up, can drive one up the wall!  And the more ‘the same’ our days are, the more of a drag we become…

Every day I wake up with the same problem of deciding what to wear. It usually takes me several outfit attempts before I make up my mind – and some days are much worse than others. I wish I had a (wardrobe manager) personal stylist who would make all the decisions about what I wear every day.

It is a big deal for me that I have the right look each time I step into the world. We may not realise it, but the clothes we wear, how we wear them, and how we look plays an important role not only in how people perceive us, but also how we receive ourselves. Like it, hate it, or wish you had it,

“Clothes maketh the woman”

One of my greatest fears is bumping into an old boyfriend or school rival wearing the same clothes I was wearing last time I saw them! …. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be? (I would actually hide). I used to complain about not having enough clothes; then I realised that the real problem is about how I wear my clothes.We tend to get too comfortable wearing the same clothes, the same way, over and over just because we are used to wearing them that way, and this doesn’t mean we stop buying new stuff. Think about it, how often do you find clothes hanging in your cupboard with the price tags still on them? We all have huh…

The good news is that it isn’t about how many clothes you have; it’s about how you wear them. Every person has their own sense of style, and what suits the other might suit you or not suit you at all. The best you can do for yourself is to play around with your clothes; mix and match and shake up your style. You can’t always copy what the latest fashion blog says, but you can check them out and see what’s there – use what you find there to enhance your own style and create your own signature. And remember, your clothes are only as old as the last time you wore them!

By Miss N

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