How to reduce stress in 2016…

While everyone paste their list of new year resolutions on their walls I was thinking of ways one can reduce stress in the year 2016.

#Make time for yourself even if it’s for 15 minutes a day. Check up on yourself and remind yourself of what is important.

#Learn to say no. “ lol” I know sometimes it’s very difficult to say no but trust me it is important to know when and how to say No.

#Make exercising a priority. If you want to kick stress to the curb exercising is the best. Go out for a walk/ jog.

#Pump up the volume and dance…add some good sing along tracks to your playlist and be a pop star for  a bit.

#Spend sometime with loved ones that are encouraging.

#Find a good book to read, try out new cooking recipes.

#Prioritise… and try out new things!

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