Blossom on the outside

When you find absolute peace within yourself, your true beauty finds a way to blossom on the outside. Women are made of amazing ingredients: endearment, courage, strength, dignity and confidence. That’s why we can still live and survive in what is deemed a man’s world.

A lot of women would share the same sentiments as me…now let’s take a trip down memory lane. As a little girl my love for clothes got me into a whole lot of trouble with my mom. I remember stealing needles and scissors from her locker because I wanted to re-design my clothes….this behaviour got me into a number of trouble but it never stopped me.

Today I sit and laugh at those days because designing clothes was never my thing and still isn’t. You are probably wondering where all this is going. My love for beautiful things has always been there. I find my inspiration in what other people wear but above that I love to experiment with the clothes. I am that girl that never lives the house without a handbag, and my day would be a total disaster if I can’t find my lip-gloss.

You might find this a bit weird but I still play dress up and that is part of how I experiment with clothes. On some days I wear that pair of shoes I bought over a year ago that I still haven’t had the chance to wear to go prepare food in the kitchen. Just that feeling is sometimes fulfilling to me.

I am a sucker for beautiful things. So the next time I stop you to admire the nail polish you are wearing or the gorgeous shoes you will be rocking. Please forgive me I just can’t help it but pass a compliment, it’s a Miss N thing…

In case you didn’t know, passing on a compliment to another beautiful lady is as good as empowering her and acknowledging that,

I am beautiful enough to see beautiful things….

I love to shop, not because I need a new clothes or shoes, but because if I don’t shop who will…? The truth is a woman can never have enough shoes, clothes and accessories. It is a women thing that men will never understand. I love to look good and I have made it my permanent job to do so.

By Miss N

  • Kayce

    I’m inspired by your work…..

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