Job entry tips

This piece is dedicated to final year students who are about to enter the workplace realm. You have spent the past few years focused on your studies and that is all about to change. You are about to put learning into practice, but are you mentally ready?

Today’s workforce is made up of people from different generations and cultural backgrounds. Finding yourself in such an environment can raise all kinds of anxiety. In the midst of all that you need to find your foot get the job done.

It doesn’t matter how much confidence you have. Starting a job at a new place is quite daunting for everyone. Remember, at some point in time every single one of your new co-workers was once a “newbie” and these are the people who are going to help you with the transition.  There are, however some useful step you can take to make the transition smooth for yourself:

  • Clothing – find out what the appropriate dress code is, as it varies from organisation to organisation. You don’t want to turn up in your casual wear to find everyone in their business suits.
  • Ask questions – no one expects you to know everything you need to know on your first day. Allow yourself to ask as many questions as possible without feeling stupid.
  • Be friendly – chit chats are great in helping you know the kind of people you are going to be working with. Take the opportunity to know to everyone, while you do that try not get involved in office gossip/ politics.
  • Be pro-active – during the first few days you might find that they don’t give you too work to do as your employer will be more focused on helping you settle in. Avoid sitting in your corner and twiddling your thumbs by getting up and asking if there is anything you can help with. A little help is always appreciated.
  • Most importantly- learn how to use the office machines: Printer, coffee machine etc. you don’t want to spend the next month asking for help each time you want to make copies or coffee.
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