Man Making Moves- Glody Awasi

Who is Glody Awasi?



I am a tall, dark, handsome, anointed and humble man. Calm and collected in character, with a burning love and desire for God. Born from the land of Democratic republic of Congo. Last born of two. I am young man who strives to be the best of himself daily. A man of great vision and ambition driven by the pursuit of excellence.

“I’m in it, to win” – Whatever my name is attached to must excel!

I am a child of God and a servant to the people of God. As an academic student I pursued a degree in Human Resources Management at Midrand Graduate Institute. Currently employed as a verification Analyst at a Black Economic Empowerment verification agency (dealing with B-BBEE auditing and consulting). I’m a fashion enthusiast, lover of clothes and all things fashionable.

What’s your typical weekday like?

Hmmm my typical day as of now has me attending the gym early in the morning, then I’m at work from 8am – 4:30pm. My evenings are pretty unpredictable. For most times I go back home to rest and revise or go to church for services. That’s basically how my typical weekday goes.


What inspires you?

There’s so many things that inspire me. photos, quotes, life-experiences, Books, the bible etc. There’s a lot of people that inspire me too. My friends, family, my spiritual father Reverend Doxa Disashi, these people are always inspiring me to continue working hard for excellence. However, there’s one key thing that stands out as the ultimate inspiration for me and that is the act of serving others. (Selflessness)

Everyone is different and has their own style DNA …tell us a bit about yours.


I guess my style DNA is classic façade, always elegant and timeless in choice. I favour pieces that have clean lines and minimal detail. I find what most flatters my body and almost never stray from this. I’m more on the well-groomed, sophisticated side of style.


We are all about sharing Fashion Wisdom, now tell us…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received?

“Always wear what complements the size of your body and the colours that complements your complexion”.

What’s guilty pleasure?

I’d have to say Fashion and music.


What is the most daring thing you have ever worn?

I remember once having worn a sky blue suit, with a yellow pullover, yellow socks and black shoes. That was very daring for me, which to my surprise turned out to be pretty dapper. Lol…

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Woow hmmmm, to be honest I wouldn’t be able to tell you from the top of my head, but clearly it’s not enough. I still need more.

My shoes have different classification, from work shoes, to formal shoes, to boots, to sneakers, to sandals. I estimate plus or minus 20. Lol…

What are your to-go wardrobe staples?

It would have to be Solid White T-shirt, Solid white shirt, Dark blue jeans, Grey V-neck sweater, Navy blazer, Brown leather loafers, Brown leather belt.

What do you feel most powerful wearing?


I feel most powerful when I a wear a well fitted suit.

How has your style evolved in the past 5 years?

My style has evolved tremendously, I was once one who only wore sneakers and timberlands. Big jeans, big t-shirts, saggy pants, snap backs. I was never one to flirt with colour. I kept a two colour dress code. But as the years went by I realised big clothes only made me look skinnier, so I started wearing clothes that fit the size of my body and I started mixing colour.  And to this is day its basically impossible to see me wear two colours I LOVE COLOUR blocking. It brings out the creative in me. I’ve gone from saggy pants to slim fit. From big t-shirts to slim fit shirts. Progress!

What will you never be caught wearing?

Leather pants and shiny suits.




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