Man Making Moves…Melcome Mahlathini

Who is Melcome Mahlathini? 


Melcome Mahlathini is a farm boy, born and raised in the Eastern Cape. Who later moved to Cape Town where he spent most of his academic experience and realised that education is a powerful tool in changing the future.

Melcome Mahlathini is goal-orientated, hardworking and an agent for change. He enjoys helping others particularly in his role as SRC President of the Midrand Graduate Institute. In his capacity as Chairperson of the Gauteng Black Management Forum Student Chapter he insists in pursuing transformation in Institutes of Higher Education in South Africa. Lastly, he is a Bcom Law student, doing a double major in Accounting and Business Management.

What’s your typical weekday like and does your outfit reflect how you feel? 


I always reflect on the past days and find a moment of prayer as an attempt to improving my life and those around me. My studies demand a lot of time so my day usually starts in the early hours of the morning and ends the following day. Sometimes I find time for the gym or a run on the road.  Definitely if I am feeling good my outfit will definitely be an indicator.

What makes you a Man Making Moves?


My hunger for success and the need to excel as a black young man. I do this by reading a lot of books and always exposing myself to opportunities that can grow me and develop me from a skilled perspective.

Apart from my student leadership roles and demanding studies I dedicate time to share knowledge with young innovative entrepreneurs on business initiatives in the African context. Which has also led to the establishment of an Entrepreneurship Hub at Midrand Graduate Institute.

My pursuit for black excellence is the ultimate factor because I remain in debt to the farmers that I once chased goats and sheep with on the fields of the Eastern Cape.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about living life to the fullest. Someone once told me to live as if today was my last day and to do what I would do on my last day on planet earth. Helping people even in the smallest sense gives me a purpose in life.
We are all about sharing fashion wisdom…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received? 


My very own stylish friend, Khayalethu Sibiya always use to say that I should dress my age. I come from a background where style was not really an important factor and today it is what gets graduates hired or fired.

Everyone is different and have their own fashion style DNA …tell us a bit about yours. 


I am a very simple person always dressed in what makes me feel at ease and comfortable. I believe comfort with a dash of new trends is a winner outfit.

What is the most daring thing you have ever worn and would you repeat it?
A skinny jean and I might just wear it again because I have noticed it is becoming quite trendy in the corporate world currently.

What are your to-go wardrobe staples? 

Chino’s and a shirt to always complement the leader within me.

What do you feel most confident in wearing? 

My navy blue suit, white shirt and black tie always makes me feel like I can climb mountain Everest and back at one go.
What outfit will you never be caught wearing? 

Baggy clothes and yellow colours.



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