Man Making Moves- Mukhethwa

Who is Mukhethwa? 


Mukhethwa is a young man born and bred in Ngudza, a small village in Limpopo. Currently staying and working in PTA but a full time resident of Phiphidi village. I am before all things, a son of the Most High God, one who’s totally dedicated to serving the Lord in both the workplace and the social space; a son to the mother who prays more than any other I have ever seen; A sibling to two sisters and two brothers and a proud uncle to a new-born niece and a naughty but lovely nephew and a very loyal friend.

What’s your typical weekday like and does your outfit reflect how you feel? 

My typical day starts at 3am. This allows me an opportunity to read the Word of God and pray before I do anything else. After that I work until about 6am and then prepare to leave for the office.  I afford myself an opportunity to pick up my attire for the day. The attire should represent what I am planning to do throughout the day. Meeting and presentations calls for a more formal look. Image is important and one can never be overdressed, over prepared or over educated and the combination of all these equals success.

What makes you a Man Making Moves?


I work hard. I believe in myself and most importantly, I am always willing to learn. I grab each opportunity presented to me for exposure. As one of my former supervisor once said, “Experience is experience, it may not be valuable to you today but it’ll be valuable to you one day. If any opportunity to learn something new is presented to you, take it and make the most of it.”  These factors are what drives me and keeps me going daily. Above all, I don’t believe that any of it would work if God isn’t on my side. He is the Rock I lean on and He directs all my steps.

What are you most passionate about?


Two things basically. One, preaching the Good news of Jesus Christ to the people regardless of the cost and motivating people, giving hope to those who have given up. I reach out to anyone I think would gain from my presence and the presence of the God within me. When I don’t know how to motivate anyone or giving hope, I always pray to God for guidance and He has never let me down.

We are all about sharing fashion wisdom…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received?


If you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing, change it because there is chance people will see you the way you see yourself.  Have as many white shirts as possible. Those shirts can be worn with just about any other colour. Be brave with your colours know how to combine them.

Everyone is different and has their own fashion style DNA …tell us a bit about yours. 


My fashion style is inspired by the modern man. I strive to look stylish wherever I go and you are more likely to catch me wearing a fashionable jacket with a pair of chinos, a stylish shirt together with lapel flower and a pocket square. I can add a tie in there depending on the occasion. When it comes business you will find me in a complete formal suit with complimentary men accessories – pocket square lapel flower…

What advice can you share about dressing for success? 

Always dress for the occasion because your image speaks volume about who you are.

What is the most daring thing you have ever worn and would you repeat it?

An oversized black shirt, and no I wouldn’t repeat it because it made me look like a panhandler.

What are your to-go wardrobe staples? 

Grey or blue suit  A dark coloured pair of jeans  A trench coat  A perfect blazer  Chinos – a classic pair can be worn almost anywhere  Brown shoes  A brown leather belt  A knitted tie for my smart casual look  Silk tie – a tie that will work with both the suit and blazer  White T-shirt  Crisp white shirt  A pair of happy socks  A lapel flower – they are the in thing right now.  A brown wallet  A pocket square that goes with my ties and lapel flowers (essential)

What do you feel most confident in wearing?

 A suit with a white shirt

What outfit will you never be caught wearing? 

If you find me wearing a pair of carvellas with any formal wear, please shoot me. (No offence to those who love themselves a pair of carvellas).


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