Man Making Moves…Mzwakhe ‘Mzee’ Mbuli Jnr

Who is Mzwakhe?

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Mzwakhe is a World Changing Creative.

What’s your typical weekday like and does your outfit reflect how you feel?

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My weekday is mostly work, ministry and performances.

 My outfits reflect who I am, when I attend corporate events I dress smart and when I’m in a creative space I wear my brands/sponsors (I AM, Activate, MoArts)

What makes you a Man Making Moves?

I am very versatile in my crafts but most importantly, every opportunity that presents itself I take it, learn and criticise how I can do better, most people think opportunities are for the moment and are temporary, which could be true to some extent, although it all starts with the mind-set. For every opportunity presented I choose to learn from the experience before being carried away by the hype. That way, I am challenged and forced to grow and improve where necessary.

Therefore I could be called a ‘Jack of all trade and in fact a master of all’.


I am a Leader in 3C Ministries, I am a Drummer for the Award Winning group ‘3C Live’, The Leader and Co-Founder of MoArts Association, Junior Art Director for The Napsta Entertainment.


I am a professional performer, a Musician, a Voice-over artist, Graphic Designer and a Comedian.

Winner of Comedy Central Inter-Agency Knock Out 2015, part admin of a Facebook page with 62K likes ‘Mzanzi Humor’ and I’m well known as Robot Boii.


What are you most passionate about?


Changing lives! If what I do can open the eyes of someone who doubts the God given potential that’s inside of them, then that’s my passion, I want people to realise that nothing God does is average and if we’re made in his image then everything that’s inside of us should be extraordinary and to some extent resemble him, the attention I get from everything I do should lead people back to God and that’s why my passion isn’t the art I do but it’s people, and the potential that’s inside of them.

We are all about sharing fashion wisdom…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve been told to add some colour to my fashion sense because I normally wear all black if not dark coloured clothing.


What I can say to people regarding fashion is that you determine how people treat and see you. First impression does count, although it doesn’t mean we should judge people but rather, if what the person is wearing communicates a different impression for you, rather hear what type of a person they are by engaging in a conversation.

Everyone is different and has their own fashion style DNA …tell us a bit about yours. 


Interesting and all black. My style should interest people and get them asking where I got the sweater, shirts etc. But it shouldn’t be the loudest outfit in the room.

What is the most daring thing you have ever worn and would you repeat it?

Shorts. I am very tall and have never worn shorts before and people that know me know this about me, but after casting as ‘Neo’ in Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke with Bobby’ advert, I was asked to wear a checked shirt and shorts, and I wouldn’t do that again, unless I’m being paid for it again LOL.

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What are your to-go wardrobe staples? 

Black Nike Air Force 1’s and a Black long sleeve T-shirt.

What do you feel most confident in wearing? 

A hoodie and sometimes a Snap-back.

What outfit will you never be caught wearing?

A Wife Beater (Vest), Shorts, Front Torn Jeans and a Formal Hat


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