Man Making Moves… Ramos Viano Monteiro Chitangueleca

Who is Ramos Viano Monteiro Chitangueleca? 


Ramos is a guy from Angola, currently living in South Africa, 23 years old, son of the Most High Father God, Born from the best person that God could choose to be my mother (my best friend), I am a friendly guy, sometimes hard to be understood but impossible to be forgotten. I love learning new things, I love exploring different cultures. I am love fashion, sports and science.

What’s your typical weekday like and does your outfit reflect how you feel? 


I wake up at 6:00am for prayer, spend about 30 minutes working out, then I get ready for school and work. My day normally at around 5pm and then at 6pm I go to play basketball.

I believe my outfits on a daily basis always reflects how I feel. To get through a stressful day I prefer to semi-formal to get that empowerment pick up.

What makes you a Man Making Moves?


I work hard, the fear of being average motivates me to be a Man making moves, I believe in the plans that God has set for me and I trust God to make me a winner, I listen more than I talk, this allows me to learn more about life. I am the worst enemy of failure. Man making moves is about making the difference and achieve what once looked impossible.

What are you most passionate about?



The bible, because it is the book of all the answers for every question. Health Sciences is what I’m most passion about, music, books and fashion, it is how I express myself.

We are all about sharing fashion wisdom…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received? 

Comfort is key…and dress to express!

Everyone is different and has their own fashion style DNA …tell us a bit about yours. 



My style is inspired by a classy modern man.

What is the most daring thing you have ever worn and would you repeat it?


It was a black suit with yellow shirt, blue tie and wearing yellow socks with Air Jordan sneakers…and hmm no I wouldn’t repeat it.

What are your to-go wardrobe staples? 

Chinos, Solid jeans, white sweaters, Blazer, shirts ( difference), a watch, belt, formal shoes, sporty shoes, sneakers, Golf shirts, shorts.

What do you feel most confident in wearing? 


Dark blue suit with white shirt

Golf shirt (LACOSTE) with jeans and white shoes.

White T-shirt V neck with a blazer on top and semi formal trousers.

What outfit will you never be caught wearing? 

Orange, yellow or pink jeans,


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