Man Making Moves- Thabang

Who is Thabang?



Everytime I get this question, I always have the same response in mind but I hardly ever utter it; ‘why don’t you find out for yourself?’

Here goes, above all I’m a child of God. I believe in charity amongst us. As much as I’m reserved, I like interacting with people because I believe there is always something to learn. I have a strong personality, meek and assertive. I like to laugh. I am, Thabang Zacharia Maetlane from Free State (Kroonstad ),  26 years of age and I love my clothing.

What makes you a Man Making Moves?


The one thing I always seek for is progress. I have dreams just like most people. I’m a mine worker at De Beers Voorspoed. I’ve invested in a number properties for rental and property development. I’m also in transit – the business of transportation. I’m also a board member at Child Welfare South Africa. So if I’m not mining, I’m buying and selling properties or landing a hand to the less fortunate, I regard myself as a fashion influencer,  I’ve worked with a couple of well-known stores or brands for that matter. Within all of that, I always look presentable.

 What are you most passionate about?


Most people would think fashion. Which is relatively true. Over the years I’ve learned that I am nothing without my God. So I always try to put God first before anything. If I’m alright with my God He will sort out the rest for me. So God it is! With that being said, I’m a freelance photographer too. The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Exactly, I’m a man of few words, my shots say it all. Once again, photography before fashion, though, they go hand in hand.

 We are all about sharing Fashion Wisdom…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received?


Always look good, because your attitude isn’t the first thing that people see.

 Everyone is different and has their own fashion style DNA …tell us a bit about yours.


Everyone has their own style. Look, I’m flexible when it comes to fashion but I do fancy vintage. Vintage is my style. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain level of creativity and understanding to see beauty in a garment not of your generation. When it comes to style, I’m an old soul.

 What advice can you share about dressing for success?


Self-respect is imperative. It should reflect in your dress code. It is said that you are what you attract. Dress classy, simple, I believe less is more so keeping it neat and simple leaves a huge statement.

 What is the most daring thing you have ever worn and would you repeat it?

A kilt. For a shoot. Yes I would wear it again if the occasion allows. I don’t think I’d be able to wear it on a random 3rd of March haha.

 What are your to-go wardrobe staples?

My wardrobe staples? I can never have enough crisp white shirts. I collect timepieces and colognes. I feel naked without those two.

 What do you feel most confident in wearing?


Formal wear. ‘Smart casual’. People refer to me as Sir when they see me haha. I’ve heard people say that I intimidate them when I’m in formal wear. So in it I trust. Colours also plays role in it.

What outfit will you never be caught wearing?

As farfetched as it is. Medieval clothing? I hope that fashion shys away from that era! I don’t think I’m ready to wear bell bottoms again.

 How has your style evolved in the past 5 years and why?

Wow a huge a transformation now that I think of it. Back then I used to own a lot of snapbacks, sneakers, baggy jeans and all. Yeah, you know the look. Now? Its ties, string ties, blazers on blazers. Vintage suits! I still wear sneakers and baggy jeans, but still keeping it vintage. Contemporary wear also plays a role when you are a fashion influencer.

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