Man Making Moves – HUGUNS MBAYO

Who is Huguns Mbayo?


I am a very ambitious guy who always strive for greatness, I come from a family of three where I’m the last born.  I am currently doing my commercial pilot licence courses at JOHANNESBURG SCHOOL OF FLYING  and I’m also a servant and follower of Christ not to forget that I’m a fashion enthusiast I have recently started doing  some part time modelling with 2 SAB models agency owned by Miss. ALDECIA MOLAUDZI.

It is quite evident that you are a very stylish man…tell us a bit about it.


As I always say “your uniqueness defines your personality”. My style is quite simple I don’t try too hard but I always make sure that I’m remembered by the uniqueness of my outfits, I’m very picky when I do my shopping.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love playing indoors soccer, listening to deep worship songs, I love shopping and writing inspirational quotes on social media (Twitter; Facebook), also enjoy being in front of the camera…

What’s guilty pleasure?


I am a shopaholic and that my guilty pleasure, I like emptying my bank account for shopping (hahahahaha).

How have you surprised yourself lately?

By growing my beard, I never taught that I will actually look nice with a beard.


Who is your fashion icon?

I must say without any doubt is my mother, I grow up being  inspired by her deep and unique sense of style,  sense of choosing and combining outfits other than that I try to accommodate with the trend out there still trying to be unique.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?


I have 6 formal pairs of shoes, 3 loafers, 1 pair sandals and 2 sneakers so in total 12 pairs of shoes.

What are your to-go wardrobe staples?

For me shoes and watches are my favourites then comes -shirts -Golf T shirts -chinos -blazers -accessories (happy socks, pockets squares, lapel pins and perfumes).

What do you feel most powerful wearing?

I feel most powerful wearing a pair of Italian shoes and a wristwatch.

Which shops would you spend the whole day in?


I can spend the whole day at Zara and Polo. 98% of my wardrobe come from this two shops but will had to that  Fabiani,  TM Lewin, country Road, Ben Sherman and Kurt Geiger

How has your style evolved in the past 5 years?

It’s has been about consistency, for those who know me I dress the same way from Monday to Sunday cause I deeply believe that everyday are special so I make sure that I daily dress in a special way.

What will you never be caught wearing?

A shiny suit or shirt Hahahah…

We are all about sharing fashion wisdom, now tell us…what’s the most important style advice you’ve ever received?

“wear what suits your body stature”.


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