Overcome Anxiety

You can never become a great woman until you overcome anxiety, comparison and self-criticism. Loving yourself as woman is essential to your personal growth, fulfillment of your dreams and developing relationships with others.


As the digital province becomes more spacious, comparison extinguishes nearly every spark of contentment and bliss. This is something that a lot of us deal with on a daily, and it’s something I have personally battled with for a long time. It’s very easy to compare your life, career, relationship and appearance to someone you probably only know through Instagram, as wrong as it may sound…


The need to belong is generally a rudimentary need to feel connected to others, so there is nothing wrong with admiring others to whet your appetite to do better in life. But you should not confuse admiration for comparison. Comparing yourself to others will not help you move forward or become better. It will only make you question your abilities and build self-doubt. Truth is, you will constantly seek approval and praise from everyone around you.

Confidence begins with self-acceptance and knowing your self-worth, that way you will not feel the need to compare yourself to others. I spent most of my life focusing on what my life would have been like if I looked a certain way, if I was a little taller, had perfect hair etc. and all that built self-doubt and lack of confidence. All this was self-inflicted and it affected my relationship adversely…

I am not an expert, but I know from personal experience that self- saving is necessary and it begins by:

  • Being okay with your imperfections
  • Recognizing that everyone is different and that too, is okay
  • Surrounding yourself with doers, dreamers, thinkers and believers
  • Let go of those who weigh you down
  • Discover and explore your passion
  • Embrace your body, dress for it and keep slaying…
  • Allow yourself to love
  • Make your well-being your priority
  • Cultivate small pleasures
  • Empower and challenge yourself

Sharing wisdom is viewed as one of the oldest forms of education. A woman’s worth and wisdom helps her uphold composure and allows her the ability to carry out her role in society. One of the greatest aspects in life is having to build a relationship with self.


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