Wednesday Wisdom with Fulufhelo Hope Matsigila

Joining us today is a rare breed, The Hope of many nations – Fulufhelo Matsigila, a born again Christian, Business Woman, Personal Stylist, TV Presenter, MC and a Poet. She is the last born daughter of 10 siblings, was born and raised at Lwamondo zwavhavhili. Obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Midrand Graduate Institute and that was only the beginning she remained unstoppable since then. Above all else she is a woman who believes in the power of God at work in her and doesn’t think that there is nothing in this world that one wants to achieve that they cannot achieve if they keep at it.

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Please tell us about your journey.

I think I always knew what I wanted to be and maybe I was just a little afraid to be what I knew I wanted to be because of the challenges and circumstances that surrounded me while growing up.  No matter how loud the negative voices around me where I never allowed them to define or stop me from becoming all I was created to be.

I entered a lot of competitions while growing up, I started performing at school, church, live on radio and at any platform I was given. I think I become a different person every time I have a Mic and I am placed on stage.

It’s amazing how  one of the things I loved doing assisted me in building what I have always wanted to build because I was part of a TV show called Cula sibone where I performed answered a few questions and I won R5000 on the show and that’s when I decided it was now time to kick start Le’ Boutique SA. I started with just 1 dress and I never looked back since then or rather let me say my clients won’t allow me to give up. It has been an interesting journey and I learn so much everyday and recently Le’ Boutique SA expanded and made its first partner and now has what we call Le’ Boutique Hair.


I believe and enjoy multiple streams of income so am always looking for ways to grow that which I already have so am always looking for something new to expand to and I have a couple of them lined up and very excited about.

How did you discover your passion?

While growing up I always had a love for fashion and clothes, I played with dolls and I would cut out fabric and make my dolls new clothes and the whole point of me owning a doll was never about playing with it but about dressing it up. I loved dressing well and people would always ask me where I buy my clothes so I figured how about I start a business from the Love of Fashion and that’s how Le’ Boutique SA came about.


With Presenting and Poetry I grew up watching too much TV and I would always copy what I see the YOTV Presenters doing and I would stand in front of the mirror and present to myself all the time and I started entering competitions and I was once picked to co- present with Carly Fields on One Gospel and that’s when I knew I can actually do this so I went on to join LoveworldSat as a Presenter and my Poetry somehow has always been attached to me.

What does social responsibility mean to you?

Social responsibility is my duty as an individual; I need to ensure that someone benefits from me being a success. I believe in giving no matter what level I am in life, we all have something to give whether in words, time, comfort or monetary terms. I do my best to make sure that each person that comes in contact with me is somehow impacted or empowered to be the best version of them.


What advice would you give a young woman who would like to follow your path?

Entrepreneurship on its own is not an easy journey but it’s possible and its necessary, you need to be consistent and keep going and always remember why you started. It’s important to start young because there is a lot to learn and stop being afraid of what if it fails but think of what if it actually works. As a woman you should never be afraid of building an empire – you can achieve anything that your mind conceives and believes. If you don’t take risks you will always work for someone who does.

What time do you sleep?

Lately it has been a little difficult for me to sleep before 12am or sometimes 1am because I am in a phase of learning quiet a lot of new things which I want to venture in and I guess I have no right to sleep unless I am making millions while sleeping so am not complaining.

What can you not live without?

God…….. I think my cellphone and internet connection are 2 things I can’t comfortably go a day without because I spend most of my time assisting my clients and also arranging for collections and deliveries – since Le’ Boutique SA is operating online at the moment I just cannot imagine my day without my Cellphone and Internet connection and a lot of my new ventures need me online so I spend 99.9% of my day on the net.

How do you keep your head up high all the time?


My strength is in the Lord and my confidence is in knowing that God loves me dearly. You can never find me with my head down, besides I need to keep my crown intact and I can’t do that with my head down because it will fall.

What is it that people don’t know about you?

I think this is such an unfair question because now people are going to know what they are not suppose to know about me. Well I am a very sensitive and soft person, very few people have seen me cry because I always choose to share my strength with people hence you will always see me laughing and smiling all the time.

What is the fashion advice can you give us for the winter season?

The best thing to invest in for winter is a good knee high boot, a long warm coat and a long sleeve polo neck because all you need once you have these 3 is accessories. Winter is about keeping warm so layer up underneath what you want to make a statement with and you are good to go.


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