Wednesday Wisdom with Rotondwa Musitha

Joining us today is the daughter of the soilRotondwa Musitha aka Ms’Everythin, a 20 something year old. Born and bred in the small and beautiful town of Makhado. A BBA graduate from Regenesys Business School and a Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management student enrolled at UNISA. Concurrently doing a number of courses through EDX and also working at Ventso Group (VG) and part of Venda Nga December movement.

She is a professional model holding 10 beauty pageant titles on local, national and international arena. Miss Heritage South Africa’s reigning queen who has walked the SA Fashion week ramp and several other fashion shows in Limpopo and Gauteng. A real goddess who is a Mamelodi Sundowns brand ambassador.

 Miss Everythin enjoys traveling, hiking, assisting at the foundation, listening to good music and helping out where she can.


Please tell us about your journey?

My modelling journey began in 2010 when I entered a local pageant and won, I went on to enter a district pageant within the same month and I won it too. It was then that I realized that was – I was made for this-


How did you discover your passion?


A lot of motivation from people who religiously told me that I had the body of a model, and that I should venture into modelling. Funny enough growing up I was a tom – boy, so already the idea of thinking I could possibly be a model seemed impossible. But yes, that is how this amazingly journey began.

What does social responsibility mean to you?

It simply means that for every opportunity I take, I enable myself to make a difference in the lives in those in my community and neighboring communities.

That is why from time to time, I remove my high heels and get my hands dirty to make my contribution to society.

Where do you find inspiration?


For some odd reason, I have always loved answering this question.

My number one source of inspiration is my mother, I would be lying if I say I have not learnt a lot from her, even though I have my father’s mannerisms. She has inspired me a lot in these couple of years she has journeyed with me. I realized that I am not only her daughter but I belong to the world, yes! I have just declared a title above!

Secondly, I draw inspiration from each and every individual I come across that is endeavoring in their everyday life to be better than the individual they were the day before. It drives me to go even further when I see how much others are doing regardless of their circumstances.

What is it that people don’t know about you?

That, I don’t like it when people shorten my name to anything but Ro, Tondi or Mbofho.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Nandos and chocolate

Who is your style Icon?


I have a few actually, my gorgeous sister – Phathu Musitha, my ever so young – young mother; Dr Raphunga, Poppy Mudau and Ciara.

What advice would you give a young woman who would like to follow your path?


Be ready to learn, do not sit and wait to be spoon fed, go find that spoon. The truth is at the end of the day if you do not evolve, you will become stagnant and if you become stagnant you will simply become irrelevant… So learn!

Beautiful young lady, don’t let them tell you otherwise, the greatest wealth you will ever acquire is knowledge. Don’t let go of your morals trying to enjoy all the pleasures this world throws at you, truth is they don’t finish. Do not let anyone convince you it cannot be done. Recognize your full potential and work towards achieve your goals.

 How do you keep your head up high all the time?


I sometimes think people take it for granted when I say “ your support means a lot to me”, the truth is YOU keep me going, yes, You who is reading this.

Many times when I think of letting go I think of all the efforts you have made in assisting me to get to where I am today and for that, Thank you once again!

Your calls, text messages, DM’s, voice notes, wall posts, tweets and etc. always mean that if I give up, somewhere out there another individual may think it is impossible. Whereas it’s entirely is not. That’s how I manage to keep my head high knowing I have you all as pillars.

How do you stay flawless all the time?


Flawless?! That’s a tricky one but I believe in the saying “if you look good, you feel good”. In all the times I have felt I look good, I somehow automatically felt good. And the traditional secret is that I drink enough water on a daily so I believe I am on track to getting that flawless melanin skin.



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