What kind of clothes would suit me?

Fashion is a notion about how to dress, putting clothes and accessories together to upgrade your appearance. Women across the globe dive into shops to get the latest fashionable clothes but are they buying the clothes that suitable for their bodies?
A lot of women accord to the importance of fashion and forget to buy the type of clothes that are suitable for their body type. Following fashion is good but following the right fashion for your body type is more important. Sometimes we become fashion victims that end up buying clothes without assessing what type of clothes suit our body type.

One way to define a woman’s body type is by looking at how the curves connect to the bust, waist and hips. Ever wondered why you don’t look as good as your friend in that dress you bought together? Well, our bodies are structured differently and I hope this will help you understand some of the reasons why certain clothes look much better on the hanger. Now ladies which one are you…


Imagine a slender person wearing a dress that was designed for an hourglass shaped person. Now that would just be a disaster, but then again that is a common mistake that we make as we constantly shop. Just because the dress is beautiful doesn’t mean it will look good on every person that gets to buy it.

Real fashion is about you dressing according to your body type and the kind of clothes that defines you. Take a look at you gorgeous self in the mirror and ask yourself this question. Do I dress to hide my body or to look good in what I wear? Some people dress in big and baggy clothes because the feel insecure about their bodies. Although it seem to work for them because no one really gets to see what behind the baggy clothes let me tell you a secret about dressing for the body you have.

“Your beauty is not determined by your jean size”

The solution to this problem is that when you learn to love your body, dressing up for it becomes more fun. Fashion designers will never stop making clothes so let’s appreciate their talent by wearing what is right for our body type.

In case you didn’t know we are what we wear and we turn to communicate a great deal through the clothes we wear. It is also very important to wear what we feel most comfortable in, and I’m sure you are thinking to yourself

“What kind of clothes would suit me?”

The best way to know what to wear is to first know your body type. Once you know you will find it so easy to dress up and feel good.

By: Alsciana Da Silva


  • Marcia Silva

    I really loved the article by Alsaciana, it is very true that we are to wear according to our body type or else we end up being so tight and so insegure because of certain clother we wear.

    Thanks dear for the tip
    Much love


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