Who we are

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FairsionWisdom (fashion Wisdom) Image Consultancy is aimed at helping individuals preserve their self-image and feel confident about themselves when wearing outfits chosen for them by the consultant. We are going to impart business smarts, style trends and present business ventures and interests that will cater for a variety of prospects.

The consultancy has a relaxed and friendly approach, you will not be asked to undress or take any measurements. We understand that our clients are different and have different lifestyles and we are willing to work with you to find a style that suits and enhance your best features. We will also help you look and feel great, create a wardrobe that saves you money and time.

I’m a stylist and personal shopper also offering Public Relation services. I help people leading real lives heal their self-confidence with revamped personal style.  I’m dedicated to sharing my expertise by helping people who need style and wardrobe rehabilitation regardless of the shape and body size.



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